Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Final Note

Everyone made it safely back to Boise!  There are some very tired looking students sitting in classes this morning.

Here are some final numbers for Reno....

Universities Competing: 41
Students: Over 1200
Problem Sponsors: 18 
Career Fair Participating Companies: 60
BSU CM Students Participating: 58

Logos for Competing Universities

On behalf of all the students, faculty, and staff of the BSU CM department, I'd like to say THANK YOU to our corporate and individual sponsors

Saturday, February 11, 2012


It always amazes me how quickly the competition comes and goes.   Our teams organize in September and we start preparing for the competition in October, planning, practicing, organizing transportation, hotel, fundraising, practicing, organizing and packing equipment and supplies, selecting-ordering-receiving logo shirts for each participant, meeting with industry coaches, practicing, preparing name plates, and the list goes on!  Lots and lots of hard work by everyone involved.  

The result:  one of the best experiences our students get during their college education.

Saturday consisted of a career fair starting at 8 and Region 6, Region 7, and Open Division awards ceremonies starting at 10.

After only a few hours of sleep in 3 days, Shane Medley is up early to get a jump on the career fair.

After hearing so much about Reno, my wife Elizabeth and sons Ford and Hank came down to check it out.  Ford and Hank noted that is was the best vacation they've ever had and want to do it again next year! (no comment on the Songer vacation schedule)

One of 4 gauntlets of industry companies at the career fair.

Jim Cole from Traylor Brothers looks over resume's of potential interns.  Traylor coaches our marine team and provides financial support to our Reno effort.

Hank and Ford scoping out the career fair for cool swag. 

Chris Soberg, Region 6 director from Weber State, Lori Brown, Region 7 director from CS Chico, and a friendly guy I didn't know.

Proof that students can walk, drink coffee, smile, give a thumbs up, and sleep at the same time!

Getting ready for the Awards Ceremony

The Crowd

Design - Build places 2! Great Job guys.

Waiting in-between Region 6 awards and the Open Division award ceremony

And Shane is still working it!  Seen here talking w/ CM Alumni and Goodfellow Brothers Project Manager, Kelly O'Kief.

The crowd at the Open Division Awards ceremony was standing room only.

Our Risk Team placed 3rd!  Congrats!!

Once the festivities were completed it was time to pack up.  Here Wendy Wendrowski waits for reinforcements to move the plotter and Department bin

The bus loaded

and rolling back to Boise

Great job everyone.  It's great to be a Bronco!

MORE Presentations

Friday afternoon was full of presentations.  Student teams from over 40 Universities running everywhere.
The Electrical team just before presenting their solution to Cupertino Electric

Last minute preparations

The Cupertino Electric panel

The Marine team presenting their solution to General Construction.  This problem simulates an in-company debrief to company executives.

Kevin Tucker, BSU CM alumni 'grilled' our team as part of the General Construction problem sponsor

It's great to be finished, here's the Marine team just after presenting

Pre-construction Services Team waiting for the BYU Idaho team to finish their presentation

Pre-Con getting ready to go

Heavy Civil launching into their presentation

Shane Medley, Heavy Civil Team Captain introducing the team's solution

A big crowd watching BSU Heavy Civil

Kiewit panelists debriefing the team moments after the presentation

So there it is....  a long day of presentations

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's lunch on friday, the teams submitted solutions last night and are spending the day making presentations to the problem sponsors.  4 of our 9 teams have presented, Design-Build, Mixed-Use, Commercial, and LEED.

Students and Faculty congregate to prepare for the day of presentations, oh... it's 7am 

The Starbucks line was long.. and continuous

The Design-Build team is all smiles before presenting their solution

Andrew  Pharis, DB team captain introducing the presentation to McCarthy, the problem sponsor

David Copperman, DB scheduler explaining the details of how the project was going to be completed on time

Jared Townsend, the DB estimator wowing McCarthy with lots of numbers

The Mixed-Use team preparing to present to Layton Construction, the problem sponsor.  This picture shows a typical room set up for presentations.  Layton was acting as the owner of the project.

Josh Milton, Mixed-Use Captain (on the far right), just before presentation time.  Either deep in thought or praying!

Nathan Griggs of the Mixed Use team presenting Safety and the use of Technology on the project

I'm so impressed with how well our students present themselves, BSU CM and the University.  Especially after only 2 to 3 hours of sleep!!  Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of our program should be proud of the Bronco Nation that heads to Reno.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Teams

sponsor: McMillen 

Commercial Team
sponsor: Andersen Construction

sponsor: Mountain Power

Heavy Civil Team
sponsor: URS

LEED Team 
sponsor: Idaho Youth Environmental Recycling Program

sponsor: RSCI

Marine Team

Pre-construction Services Team