Saturday, February 11, 2012

MORE Presentations

Friday afternoon was full of presentations.  Student teams from over 40 Universities running everywhere.
The Electrical team just before presenting their solution to Cupertino Electric

Last minute preparations

The Cupertino Electric panel

The Marine team presenting their solution to General Construction.  This problem simulates an in-company debrief to company executives.

Kevin Tucker, BSU CM alumni 'grilled' our team as part of the General Construction problem sponsor

It's great to be finished, here's the Marine team just after presenting

Pre-construction Services Team waiting for the BYU Idaho team to finish their presentation

Pre-Con getting ready to go

Heavy Civil launching into their presentation

Shane Medley, Heavy Civil Team Captain introducing the team's solution

A big crowd watching BSU Heavy Civil

Kiewit panelists debriefing the team moments after the presentation

So there it is....  a long day of presentations

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